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About Us

Our Firm is one of Zambia’s premier full service law firms recognised for its professional services of the highest calibre. We draw on our intrinsic and unique knowledge of the Zambian, and indeed sub-Southern Africa Region’s, business environment, and in-depth understanding of the socio-political climate, to advise clients on a wide range of technical legal issues. The Firm is the Zambian Member Firm of a distinguished network of international Independent Global Legal Firms known as Interact Law Global Legal Firms, where it draws unparalleled, intrinsic and unique knowledge of complex legal problems and modern ways of solving such problems for clients to international standards.

Partners of the Firm have contributed to local legal publications and monitor the progress of new legislation in the country that is likely to affect clients’ interests and research into, and advise clients on, the impact of new developments in the law.


We also seek, directly and indirectly, to influence legislation which has impact on the creation of an enabling investment and general business conducting climate in Zambia.

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